Justice Tom Parker Files Lawsuit Against Judicial Inquiry Commission
June 15, 2016

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker has filed a federal lawsuit against the state’s Judicial Inquiry Commission on Wednesday, in regards to the ongoing JIC investigation regarding complaints that he, along with Chief Justice Roy Moore, violated the state’s judicial canons of ethics in statements made about homosex “marriage”.

Details on the suit can be found at Liberty Counsel’s web site here. Liberty Councel has agreed to represent in both cases.

The federal lawsuit follows one filed last month by Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. Justice Moore was suspended after the JIC filed charges against him for his January order regarding homosex “marriage”.

Justice Parker’s lawsuit will also challenge a provision for automatic removal that allows for any judge charged by the JIC to be automatically suspended before they can defend themselves. Using this violation of  due process rights, the JIC has acted as the enforcement arm of the Southern Poverty Law Center, even going so far as appointing the ex-Legal Director of the SPLC as prosecution in case brought by the SPLC itself against the Chief Justice.

Liberty Counsel’s statement regarding Parker’s suit can be found here.

You can read AL.com’s article here.

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